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ANADOLU MİKRONİZE is one of the leading Industrial Mineral and Metal manufacturers in Turkey. We produce 400,000 TPY micronized calcite and 200,000 TPY granular calcite in the province of Niğde, where the richest and purest masses of calcium carbonate deposits are located.  Our micronization facility is installed on an indoor area of 23,000 m² and outdoor area of 95,000 m². Our mines in the province Niğde have a total licensed area of 4,500 decares with an annual crushing/sieving capacity of 1.200.000 TPY.

ANADOLU MİKRONİZE is committed to perform its activities with high quality and sustainable service approach during all phases of the process from extraction of naturally deposited calcium carbonate through delivery to end users. As we handle industrial raw material, we provide pre-sales and post-sales services in line with the cost/benefit and quality expectations of our distinguished customers.  We use a fully automated production system with cutting-edge machinery and equipment developed together with our international solution partners, from supply of raw material to packaged product output. Building on innovation, dynamism, continuity and competitiveness, Anadolu Mikronize has expanded locally and international on a sustainable basis.

As an industrial mineral manufacturer holding TSE, ISO 9001,14001 and OHSAS 18001 quality assurance and quality management certifications, Anadolu Mikronize adopts the principles of achieving high level of quality control and caring about environment in a conscious manner.

Our Vision

Our vision is to supply calcium carbonate products, manufactured to the highest purity and whiteness standards under the ANDCARB brand, to all manufacturers in  Turkey and across the world and to contribute to the regional economic development.

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